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Glacial Ice Hazards Working Group (GIHWG)

About the GIHWG

The Glacial Ice Hazards Working Group is managed informally by individuals and is not attached at any particular organization or group of organizations.  The venue of meetings is expected to rotate to different cities.  It is hoped that the meetings and activities will be run by interested individuals with the support of a variety of affiliated organizations.

The origin of the group is based on one of the recommendations from a report entitled Preliminary Research Plan for Glacial Ice Hazards (Saper:2011), which called for a biannual meeting convened by the Applied Science Group of the Canadian Ice Service (CIS).  This report was a deliverable to the CIS under a contract managed by Tom Carrieres.  Later, in 2014, Adrienne Tivy (CIS) and Ron Saper (Carleton University) decided to organize such a meeting, but rather than being sponsored by CIS, the meeting would be organized by a committee of individuals from various organizations.  Derek Mueller of Carleton University agreed to host the initial meeting, and he joined the organizing committee along with Greg Crocker (Ballicater), Angela Cheng (CIS) and Hai Tran (CIS).

Join the email listserv!

To facilitate discussion, a listserv was created for the GIHWG.  It is currently set up as an unmoderated forum.  Anyone can join the list and post to all subscribers.  This policy is subject to change if privileges are abused. For issues related to the listserv, please email: derek.mueller@carleton.ca

To subscribe to this list, send a blank email to join-gihwg@lists.carleton.ca; to unsubscribe send a blank email to leave-gihwg@lists.carleton.ca; subscribers can send a message to the entire list by emailing: gihwg@lists.carleton.ca.  Please use a descriptive subject line.


Download the brochure for the GIHWG Inaugural Meeting – Ottawa, 25-26 June 2015.

The participant slide decks from the Structured Introductions are available for download here.

The Meeting Report from the first meeting is available here.

Coming Soon

Second Meeting of the Glacial Ice Hazards Working Group in mid to late 2017, proposed venue is St John’s Newfoundland.

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