New publication on the CI2D3

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A letter introducing the Canadian Ice Island Drift, Deterioration and Detection (CI2D3) Database is now in press in the Journal of Glaciology! Crawford A, Crocker G, Mueller D, et al (2018) The Canadian Ice Island Drift, Deterioration and Detection (CI2D3) Database. Journal of Glaciology 1–5. doi: 10.1017/jog.2018.36

WIRL presents at Arctic Change and AGU

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WIRL members were busy last week presenting at the Arctic Change Conference in Quebec City and the American Geophysical Union (AGU) Meeting in New Orleans.  Congratulations to presenters Malek Singer, Keegan Smith, Jill Rajewicz, Andrew Hamilton, Murray Richardson and Derek Mueller who were at Arctic Change and to Peter Wray and Anna Crawford, who presented [...]

Jill Rajewicz and CCGS Amundsen profiled in Owl Magazine

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Congrats Jill and colleagues on being featured in the December issue of Owl Magazine!  It's great for kids to see what life is like on board Canada's research icebreaker and learn about the research that ArcticNet does.